about Michel

Singer Songwriter, bassplayer, guitarist, backingvocalist,

the GRiT

THE premise


Rich Wyman band

Singer/songwriter /bassplayer Michel lives in the east of the netherlands and started playing with his main band the GRiT in 1997. As the main song and lyrics writer , bassplayer and leadsinger with the GRiT he spend a lot of time in studio’s recording and mixing  with the GRiT, in 2011 he began playing with american singersongwriter Rich Wyman during his dutch tour, after this tour Michel played bass and sang backingvocals  on 2 more dutch tours in 2015 and 2017 with the american pianovirtuosa and plans are being made right now for a european tour in 2018.

In 2016 Michel joined forces with the 2 guitarplayers from the GRiT to form an acoustic trio called : J*E*M. they play acoustic songs  mainly from the GRiT but also some beautifull covers with harmony vocals

In 2016 Michel joined up with Jan Willem van Holland and Ramon Rambeaux both known for their work with herman broods band the (wild) Romance to form the band the Premise. In this band Michel also plays bass and is the leadsinger.

the GRiT released 3 full albums(no .One, Changes and Lucky 13) and is currently working on new singles for their forthcomming  album.

The Premise released 2 singles in 2016 (“little cutie” and “when all is lost”) and is currently working on a full album for their Peanuts for Donkeys tour in 2017